Good enough for admission to University of Oregon?

Good enough for admission to University of Oregon? Topic: Recommendation letters for university admissions
June 16, 2019 / By Roslyn
Question: Hello all, I am a junior in HS right now. My freshman year I got a cumulative 3.5 GPA. In my sophomore year I got a 3.75 GPA. My current cumulative is a 3.625. I haven’t taken my SAT yet, but I will soon. I am going to be an Eagle Scout soon and I have volunteered about 100 hours at a veteran’s resource center during my sophomore year. I plan on starting volunteer firefighting in January. I have a Varsity letter in Cross Country, and I have played Tennis and Track/Field. I anticipate lettering in XC and Track this year to get a total of 3 letters by the end of my junior year. I also have participated pretty heavily in Church, through youth vestry and the like. Enough at least to get a good letter of recommendation from the Church. So my question is, what are my chances of getting into the University of Oregon? I hope to get a 3.7 cumulative GPA by the end of this year. My class rank is about 40 out of 140. What can I do to increase my chances? Please be honest and thanks in advance! Classes taken: Algebra Geometry Algebra 2 Physical Science Biology English 9 English 10 P.E. electives (2) Draw and Design Fundamentals Information Technology Eastern Civilization Western Civilization Spanish 1 Spanish 2 Classes this semester: AP US History I Pre-Calculus Engineering Tech and Design College Preparatory English Classes next semester: AP US History II Calculus Chemistry American Literature Also, what 5K times would be good enough to WALK ON to their XC team? What about 1600 times for track?
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Nadia Nadia | 5 days ago
go to their website: http://admissions.uoregon.edu/ If you can pay, you can get in. If you need a scholarship, you will need to walk on water.
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Nadia Originally Answered: Good enough for admission to University of Oregon?
go to their website: http://admissions.uoregon.edu/ If you can pay, you can get in. If you need a scholarship, you will need to walk on water.

Loren Loren
It relies. If you wish to be a sporting events agent, Pepperdine is in Malibu, so it's towards LA and there are mainly extra possibilities for sporting events agent intern jobs. But Oregon State is a well college and has all of the important NCAA sporting events adding Div. a million soccer. Pepperdine does not have soccer. Ahmad Rashad from the exhibit "NBA Inside Stuff" went to Oregon State. He is a sporting events announcer now. But that apart, the colleges are utterly extraordinary. Pepperdine is a wonderful devout college and Oregon State is public. At Pepperdine you must cross to mass and can mainly must take theology credit. You have much less electives considering of that. Both are well colleges. Pepperdine has a well status and it's proper at the seashore. It could be very highly-priced even though, extra selective on their candidates, and it is plenty smaller. If you wish to be a sporting events agent, then Loyola Marymount, USC, or UCLA, might mainly be a greater alternative. They're all in LA and feature proficiency/sporting events/trade systems geared for that. Its additionally plenty approximately connections, so that you wish to position your self proper within the center of wherein all of the motion is, geographically. Technically sporting events marketers are all attorneys even though (they draft and negotiate contracts) so you are going to must cross to legislation college finally, and Loyola, USC and UCLA all have sporting events agent legislation certification systems. EDIT: Sorry, Ahmad Rashad went to U of O, no longer OSU. Just like Anne Curry from the "Today" exhibit. U of O has one of the crucial pleasant Journalism systems within the nation.
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Kate Kate
Your resume is very good for someone in high school. I would recommend you try to take more AP classes your senior year. If you apply to University of Oregon, expect to be admitted. You should consider applying to more prestigious schools, such as ones in California as well. Unfortunately I know nothing about track or xc
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Heather Heather
You will probably get in, this isn't an elite university. You should consider Portland State University or Lewis and Clark as well. PSU isn't ranked as highly as the others, but the opportunities in the city are much better than at OU, and you get to live in a much better place.
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You'd need to talk to the course coordinator of the course at the university you want to go to. They are the only ones who can really answer that. In general, some can be, maybe all. But it's on a case to case basis. It also depends on how well the subjects match up.

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