What do I say to this girl?

What do I say to this girl? Topic: Girl writing letter poem
June 16, 2019 / By Phemie
Question: Ok so I have been texting this girl first for two days and yesturday I asked her what her favorite type of chocolate are and she kindv just closed off to me and asked why she told me the type but she said she isn't really into it. I asked her if she is not into chocolate then what is she into and she asked why again. Am I saying something wrong?It wasn't the whole convo btw I mean we talked about other things and held a full convo with decent size responses both days.Should I text her first today? Should I not text her? I just don't understand why she wouldn't want me to know what she likes.
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Marni Marni | 2 days ago
Personally I've had guys ask me that before. She has an idea why, but she wants to hear from you that you like her. If you're shy about it then give her a single red rose, write her a letter or poem, or even devote a song to her. It sounds cheesy and she might laugh at it, but inside she would be really touched you took your time out to think about her.
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I like number 3. You're pretty confident in yourself. That's cool. Also I just learned a new word. Pansexual - interesting.
Marni Originally Answered: How do I ask a girl out?
i give a suggestion if you must try that four but at last maybe you can ask her "What do you like doing?" to her .because it can make a relationship for be a good boyfriend

Ladonna Ladonna
Girls would prefer if you ask questions that are slightly more intimate? Send her a message that u would only send to her. Cos to be honest u could ask anyone about chocolate so it doesn't really make the girl feel special.
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this is what girls are like...sometimes they are the flirty teasing type...just see her attitude in the next few days and try talking about something you both have in common...when youre on aim, its easier cause youre not face to face with the person.....trust me, just be yourself.....i help my friends all the time with this kinda stuff

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