Need math help really really bad?

Need math help really really bad? Topic: wide lined writing paper
June 16, 2019 / By Scarlet
Question: If triangle T R M is similar to triangle K B V, and the ratio of line segment R M to line segment B V is four to one, do you know the relationship between line segment M T and line segment B K? Explain. Gino designed a garden for his rectangular backyard. The design he drew on paper is ten inches long. The length of his backyard is fifty feet. If his drawing is to scale and is 9 inches wide, how many feet wide is his backyard? Write a proportion using words. Then, use the proportion to calculate the yard width. Show your work. Quadrilateral A B C D has vertices at A six comma three, B three comma nine, C six comma six and D twelve comma three. It is reflected across the x-axis. What are the new coordinates? Explain.
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Norma Norma | 4 days ago
a) In two similar triangles, the ratio os corresponding sides are same. Thus, RM/BV=MT/BK=4. b) Since the drawing is to scale, thus the ratios are same to the corresponding sides. W = width 50/10 = W/9 => W = 5*9 = 45 ft. c) Since reflected across X-axis, so X co-ordinates wont change, only the Y-co-ordinates will be changed keeping in mind that the distance of the points form the x-axis remain unchanged, i.e Y- co-ordinates change there sign. Thus, A = (6,-3) B = (3,-9) C = (6,-6) D = (12,-3) Hope, you get it how to solve :)
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Integers are the positive and negative whole numbers and the number 0. There will be no fractions or decimals with integers. For both of your problems, there is only one integer between the given numbers. A. -4.5 --> -4.0 --> -3.5 the integer between is -4 B. -0.5 --> 0.0 --> 0.5 the integer is 0 There are innumerable real numbers between the given numbers, but only one integer.

Macie Macie
1) No, you cannot tell - - - - -- - - -- - - - - -- Sketch two of the same scalene triangle, oriented the same way. Label first one TRM, second one KBV
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Kelsey Kelsey
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Isadora Isadora
it ought to be undesirable aim coupled with undesirable math skills. perhaps, it ought to be using fatigue. those squaddies have been deployed distinctive circumstances in 2 wars. perhaps their effectiveness interior the sphere is compromised.
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Isadora Originally Answered: Can you help me with my math?
A and D are wrong because they have a slope of 2, not -2. Insert the point values for the equations Y=mX+B and solve for B to see which is the correct answer. 4=(-2)(-6)+B 4=12+B 4-12=B -8=B so b. y=-2x-8 is correct. Have a nice day.

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