Is Fox (Faux) News really reporting fair and balanced about all their subject matter?

Is Fox (Faux) News really reporting fair and balanced about all their subject matter? Topic: Example of article non research articles
June 16, 2019 / By Lorayne
Question: Does Faux News (I hope I spelled it right. I don't watch it much so forgive my spelling if I got it wrong, eh) really and truly encompass the most moral and righteous reporters who in turn report only the truth --- fair and balanced? I ask because I recently stumbled across some very telling circumstances & feel that everyone has a right to know...to weigh in. Are Faux News reporters really genuine and the epidome of holding themselves morally upright in their practice of "what journalism should really be". Or, is it just a network to spew hate and smear esp. against Obama over the past few months and then some throughout this campaign process? Chris Wallace takes Faux News to Task (Chris Wallace is a Fox Reporter): http://thebivouac.wordpress.com/2008/03/23/chris-wallace-takes-fox-friends-to-task/ I then ran across this rather bizarre article that Bill O'Reilley really wanted hush hush & fast: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/1013043mackris2.html Please weigh in. TY I found this recent mess, a hot mess to say the least: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jfc8cn8Yqxk&feature=related Culture Warrior: Smoking Gun did not alter the court papers, the lawsuit filed against Bill O'Reilly that is currently on file with the Supreme Court with The State of New York. All Smoking Gun did was scan it and insert it on their website. It's all there and filed with the court, so yes. I do rely on Smoking Gun for this matter because they scanned the lawsuit and put it on their website. If you want further proof you can go online to the NY Supreme Court Website or visit their office in person. IT'S ALL THERE. End of story. Rachel: Very telling article and much appreciated. I find it wholeheartedly candid and most true. I knew that, but to see that there was some research done on it helps confirm my suspicion and conviction about Faux News. Thank you. For those of you stating that I NEED TO WATCH IT MYSELF, I have! I am proud to say that I am no longer a Faux News viewer. Per the links I provided, those are only horrific examples of their most bias, extreme right-wing and racist, most abusive views, esp. when it comes to reporting on Obama. Hannity is always new with a hatchet job, but does he not realize that Obama prevails every time he slanders Obama, or brings up some non-significant smeart job. Hannity is not doing any favors for McShame or Hitlery. He helps Obama whenever his reporting (which is always) becomes unfair, hatemongering, slanderous and most unbalanced. Thank you fool Hannity and assinine Faux News. You have lost me as a viewer permanently. PonPon: I am so ROFL!! That is precisely why I do not watch Faux News any longer, for that reason there that you stated: unfair and unbalanced to say the least. What a great scenerio and example of exactly my point, but you saw it with your own eyes. Thank you! APPARENTLY FAUX NEWS SUPPORTERS ARE NOT READING MY FULL POST AS YOU CAN TELL FROM THEIR ANSWERS. Slightly Dark Frank: I understand that Faux News is just that "fake". It is and was to fill a void in the "media entertainment" only hole. They did that and are making money, but fair and balanced, you and most intelligent people know they are not. As far as bringing up the sex scandal with Bill O'Reilly, he holds himself as the number one highest of moral stature on TV and as a high moral media outlet such as "Fox (Faux) News". Bill O'Whiney is nothing in comparison to high morals; he's just another imperfect man drawing attention to his blabber and prejudice rant to "get ratings". That's all. I remember him in his humble days in Portland, Oregon. Oregon is a sucky state for sure; just look who they produced. Bill, Hannity (Calamity) and Faux News is a huge embarrassment to ethical journalism.
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Kassidy Kassidy | 4 days ago
Ah Fox news.. the Jerry Springer of network news. I liken Fox news to that old, cheesy theme restaurant that's way overpriced with too much atmosphere.. and bad food.
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Kassidy Originally Answered: Is Fox (Faux) News really reporting fair and balanced about all their subject matter?
Ah Fox news.. the Jerry Springer of network news. I liken Fox news to that old, cheesy theme restaurant that's way overpriced with too much atmosphere.. and bad food.

Haylie Haylie
Fox News was set up in 1996 by Rupert Murdoch. It's claimed by certain people that Fox was established to redress the balance of a so-called liberal media. Roger Ailes, former media consultant to Nixon, Reagan and Bush was hired as President. Redressing a balance does not mean over-compensating in the other direction. Fox News presents a deliberately conservative slant, and as such is not really a 'news' channel, it's more a conservative 'public affairs' and 'editorial' station. If anyone thinks that it was a purely political move by Murdoch, think again. He set it up as a money-maker. He saw a hole in the market and filled it. If you disagree, I urge you to check out some of Murdoch's other media agencies and papers...and see if you can find a pro-conservative bias in those too. Really, anyone beng honest with themselves knows there is bias both ways in the media. The difference between Fox and the others is that they hold themselves up to be 'fair & balanced', which seems to be a bit of a redundancy when that's what news is supposed to be. They also have the loudest, most belligerent roster of 'talent'. They know that a lot of people think the louder you are, the more correct the comment is. Course, thinking humans know that to be untrue. Now, your sources...someone said to cite smoking gun as a source was hypocritical. Not so. While the article might be biased against Bill, the documentation's fine. But, I question why you would bring up a sex harassment thing against him in order to damn Fox News? I know that conservatives often hold themselves up as paragons of virtue only to be revealed often times as sleazebags, drug addicts, boy shaggers and freak puppies....but it's not a square argument when criticising a media outlet.
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Dorothy Dorothy
I was watching Bill O'Reilly last evening, he had two guests on that were commenting on the debate between the two Dem. candidates. They were Carl Rove, and Dick Morris. Seemed fair and balanced at first, Carl spoke, and when it was Morris' turn he didn't have nearly the amount of time that was given Carl, and when Dick started talking about Hillary taking money from terrorists, suddenly Bill said he was out of time and had to cut for a commercial. Hardly was "fair and balanced in my opinion!
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Catharine Catharine
You seem prejudiced from the start. My personal opinion is that they are fair. Since you don't watch often how would you know. Are the critics the accurate ones? Maybe you need to use your own judgement. Since more people watch FOX than the others, you are in the minority. More people think it a better news broadcast than they do the others. In fact, ABC, NBC, and CBS can't figure out how to find viewers. Maybe if they would stick to the truth it might help.
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Annabeth Annabeth
I played a drinking game the other day. Take a drink every time I heard "Obama" and "Elitist" in the same sentence. Let's just say the game didn't last too long.
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Annabeth Originally Answered: Is it it possible that people who have something against you on here are purposely reporting you?
So sorry this happened to you, but yes it is common here, if people get ticked off about the smallest thing, this is how they go about getting back at you, reporting you for nothing. They are what is known as trolls, so just be careful what you say and please set your home page to private so no one but you can see your questions&answers, they will even go back and look at all your Q&A and look for things to report that are 5,6 months old, even a year and all of a sudden you get a violation notice, people can really be mean on here, but for the most part people are pretty cool and fair. Most of the folks on here are nice and helpful, hope this helps you.

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