Women in Basic Training?

Women in Basic Training? Topic: Writing letters basic training
June 16, 2019 / By Andriana
Question: What is it like in the Marine Corps basic training at Parris Island? I would like to know how tough it is and what to expect. I am also physically fit enough to go into the Marine Corps and know what I am getting into.I also want to become a MP sooo any help would be great!
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I go through this all the time. My husband gets deployed all over the place and all the time. You never really get used to it either. As for how I deal with it, I usually try to start a new hobby right after he leaves, and my goal is to have something made by the time he gets home (like crocheting a blanket or scarf, or painting a picture to hang on the walls, something) I also take and mark each day off on a caneldar before I go to bed when he is supposed to be home. Another thing that helps is write to him every day. One of the best things for someone in Basic Training is getting mail. It helps them know that someone is thinking about them, and it helps them make it hrough as well. Pictures help too. Lots and lots of pictures. Not just of you, but of things and people that he is close to. Like a pet, friends and family. (no nude pics though, they will confiscate those). Save the care packages of home baked snacks and things until he is in South Carolina. They will confiscate those as well. But letters and pictures will not only help you but they will help him as well. Take care, and don't stress. You will be fine, and if you need someone to talk to to help you get through this, feel free to IM me or e-mail. I have been through it, and I will go through it again.
Originally Answered: Women in Basic Training?
This really is the easy part. And you know he'll be home for the holiday. That's so important. I've missed so many "special" days with my hubby in 18 years that I can't count them all. Just be satisfied in knowing that he's as safe as he can be right now. Then, he'll come home and still have to go to school. There really is comfort anytime you know they're safe and will be. It gets easier, but I don't think you ever get used to it. The important thing is to stay busy and rely on the people closest to you whether it's family or friends. Find a hobby, work, volunteer or do other things you enjoy. You really can't change your life because he's gone. He wouldn't want you to either. Oh, there's times he'll get upset, but he'll also understand. He may even get distant at times. Don't take it personally. They go through alot of stress whether it's in school or on duty. Write letters to him often and keep them upbeat. Don't make them too long though. Sometimes, especially in BCT and AIT, they have studying to do or other stuff and they just don't have time. Prayers and church never hurt. There's great strength in that. Other than that, be faithful to him, love him, respect him and all that good stuff. Just stay busy and time will go faster and rely on those around you. If you marry him, you'll have other Army wives, the unit and military agencies that help as well. Good luck!!

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