Do I have OCD? Please help?

Do I have OCD? Please help? Topic: Green pen writing on paper
June 16, 2019 / By Krista
Question: Hi, I think i have OCD here is what I do that makes me think that I have it... 1) I organize my books by Title, Author, ( I change it up a lot) 2) On my desk I have cups for pens, pencils, sharpies, and mechanical pencils and a box i keep post its in 3) I have pencil cases with each type of art supplies (markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc) 4) (as you can tell) I love listing anything and everything 5) whenever I write anything (even if it doesn't need one) I put a period after it My name the date ect 6) If Im listing something, the numbers have to either be 1. or 1) or in a circle but all the same 7) In my bathroom i have a collection of those sand timer things from the dentist in color order but I never use them 8) I count everything 9) I always have to be even! 10) I organize my chargers in a sneaker box next to the plug 11) I like purple green and blue together but not separate (If that has anything to do with anything lol..) 12) When I walk on tiles or sidewalks in squares I have to be in a tile for one step and a sidewalk square thing for exactly 2. 13) Whenever I make lists if I could help it I like to end on either the number 9 or 13 (my 2 lucky numbers lol) Do you think this is OCD?? If so what do I do...?? We are learning about disorders in school so is there a way to ask my teacher if this is OCD?? Should I?? Thanks:) I also am obsessed with cleaning, forgot to mention that... I have a collection of hand sanitizers that I use a lot Trust me i've tried I can't help it and I don't know why. Oh and for the people that asked me, It does bother me if they are out of order, A LOT!!!!!! I have to renumber a paper, reorganize, ect
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Jayna Jayna | 1 day ago
No, you just organized. Some people like seeing things in a certain place or way. OCD would be, if you touch someone and immedtialey use santizer.
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Evie Evie
I have 2 friends like that.. One who is the same friend from my recent post, and the other who i didnt even notice.. all of the things you do are pretty normal.. the only thing i can see is not normal is bathroom thing and the walking tile thing.. other then that, i dont think you do.. i'd look further into it to see if you do if it really bothers you tht much..
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Collyn Collyn
Pretty much like me EVERYTHING has to be even or else it sorta annoys me. When im numbering a paper everything has to be on the same side and if a little goes on the back i have to do it again to make it equal. When im weiting if a letter is mis shaplen i have to write it over or else it sorta annoys me. Thise are some of my adventures in life. :)
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Bernadine Bernadine
when there out of order does it drive you crazy? do you organize your clothes and dishes? you might be just super tighty. but i wouldn't outweigh OCD. go seek professional help. good luck!
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Aeryn Aeryn
no. you just like to be organized in some areas. and your just a little kinda weird in some things. i have OCD/;
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