Why do people think manufacturing is the only source of true wealth?

Why do people think manufacturing is the only source of true wealth? Topic: Good personal statement titles
June 16, 2019 / By Beryl
Question: I've seen this comment many times here from people biased against service industries. I think it's obvious nonsense. How would you defend that statement? If manufacturing creates wealth, why doesn't providing a service do the same? Explain!
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Originally Answered: Why do people think manufacturing is the only source of true wealth?
There is more to MMA then who is bigger and stronger, Tim Sylvia is bigger and probably stronger then Randy Couture and this past weekend he lost to him. No one said that UFC or MMA is a true martial art, it is mixed martial arts, a blend of styles in a fight. I think I know what you were trying to say but since you used a double negative which is horrible english you confused everyone. Most of the fighters are extremely skilled in a nuber of different martial arts,just because they do not stick to one style does not make them"true" martial artists. You probably have only seen a small sample of fights and have not seen the fights that blend from kick boxing to wrestling to jui jitsu and numerous other fight styles. Do your homework, learn english then watch some true MMA fights and see what it is really about.
Originally Answered: Why do people think manufacturing is the only source of true wealth?
Ok, first off UFC is not a true martial art because there is no specific martial art called "UFC". Rather the arts in the UFC and the concept of MMA in particular are true martial arts. The way they are applied in the UFC or any other MMA competition are true martial arts. if you are a martial artist- you must know how to fight. otherwise you are not a martial artist you are a performance artist. most fights are "big men beating each other up" both in and out of competitions, If I had to draw a graph of technique vs. stregth, the amount of technique required to deal with increases in weight (stregth/size) beyond a certain point would spike. You need that much more technique to deal with a stronger, bigger person the bigger the size/stregth gap. People always say "yeah, but i could do x" but the real question is CAN you. The only scenario where fights are not that- are with weapons involved. quite frankly you need more explanation as to why "the arts in UFC" are not true martial arts or are not applied as such in the UFC. If you don't see them- then either: a- you have not sparred even light contact in unarmed (obviously you have sparred in kendo and haven't been "jumping men" for the whole time or you would have left- no it is not what it reads like thats why its in quotes); or b- you have not watched a ufc fight. Martial arts are all about men beating the crap out of each other (except mud-wrestling which is about women rolling around trying to rip off each other's clothes), they use technique to do it. If you think technique comes out "clean" all the time- then I suggest you watch some sparring videos. If you expect yours to come out clean all the time- then I suggest you try it against a resisting opponent. You will see things differently. This is a typical excuse used by fighters and gyms who don't fight and want to simply discredit MMA competitions with the reasoning that "well that is not real martial arts and they are just beating the crap out of each other". Guess what- if that were the case, why the hell doesn't a "real martial artist" from that school (that made the excuse) go kick thier *** and dominate the way the gracies used to or the way michael moore dominates a box of oreos? Simply because they can't. Not all schools are going to have an MMA champ- but to the ones who discount it as bieng "not fighting". How do you explain that? If it is just unskilled bruisers whailing away, why can't you get someone to fight- size isn't a huge factor as there are weight classes? If you can't deal with a roughly the same-size guy coming at you full force and contact that is supposedly "untrained" under limiting conditions, how do you expect to do it on the street where there are no rules and NO WEIGHT CLASSES. And before you give that "I KAN pokE your nOze hares Out With my tow" guess what- so can the other guy and his toe might be twice as smelly and funky as yours.

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