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June 16, 2019 / By Willard
Question: okay so i had sex a while ago ive been peeing quite often and crying my back hurts i really love food and i was recently sick with like the flu??? i have no signs of a belly it was about 3 weeks ago but then i am kind of thick oh and im 16?
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So what he married her? He was young and people get married for stupid reasons sometimes. However, if he claims she was abusive and controlling and cheated, there may be a complete other side to this man you have not come to understand. It has only been three months, and you have not had to deal with his child. It is all fun, in your kid-free time now, but how do you know how he interacts with his child? If she controlled him-clearly he has co-dependency issues. You only know what he tells you. Why is the child with her most of the time if he feels she is too controlling? Maybe you don't want to meet her and his child because your instincts are telling you something is wrong. It is a little selfish to not want to be with him because there are no "firsts", it is a form of prejudice. Besides, 21 was very young to have a child-having another one should be different. However, again, maybe it is your instinct. You wrote that you were in love with each other, I did not see you write about what a terrific guy he is. Trust me, men can present an entirely different version of who they are. Clearly for him to have been so recently divorced(two years is not long) and already he wants you to meet his child. He should respect your wishes if you do not want to meet his ex or his child, but then you need to not expect to be around his child for his weekend visits, people coming in and out of their lives is hurtful. This ought not to be too difficult, considering it is just the occasional weekend. Why would he tell you his ex was controlling and then want you to meet her? He possibly has control issues himself, but you haven't had reason to see it yet. Maybe he wants you to meet his child not out of love, but as a reason to control you- I don't know, I don't know him, but it is possible. If he loves you and you aren't ready to meet his child or ex, he ought to respect that. If he were to break up with you today, would he be introducing the next woman in three months? Think about it-would you do that to your child? There are four sets of three months in a year. So, having been married before is no reason to not meet his child. The fact that it is still relatively early is, but more importantly it seems like your instinct that is making you hesitate is telling you something. The red flag here is the cheating and control issues. There are two sides to the story. Perhaps he constantly verbally abused her-why would he tell you that about himself? He wouldn't. He freely told you that about his ex, so how freely do you think he'll speak about you to others? Maybe this isn't the right guy for you but now you have bonded and you feel compelled to continue. However, he may have made a poor decision to get married as a teenager, but unless he has sought some kind of counseling,how do you know he isn't the same general type of poor decision-maker he was then. Just be careful, look out for you. It is his job to look out for his child, not yours.
Originally Answered: PreGo? I NEEd AdViCe?
First off let me start by saying that you are wrong when you think that there would be no "Firsts" for you. Everything you guys do TOGETHER for the fist time as a "Couple" is both your "Firsts". It's his first time doing that with you and the first time you've done that with him. He might have had a similar experience doing those kinds of things prior to starting your relationship, but chances are he's probably having a better time doing it with you than with his ex. Second. You should NEVER feel intimidated by his ex. If anything it's the other way around. I can almost guarantee that his ex will most definitely be jealous and intimidated by you. It's understandable that you don't want to meet his ex and under normal circumstances such as a dissolved marriage with no children involved that would be inappropriate (at least in my opinion). But the fact remains that he will always have ties to this woman and you need to accept that now or simply move on before he truly falls in love with you and you end up hurting him. Third. Don't be so pessimistic about his child staying over. If he's anything like me, I would dismiss any woman that could not accept the relationship I have with my son. You need to make your decision. He comes with baggage. The question is are you willing to take on the task of being his companion, lover and even a step mom to his child in the foreseeable future. Good luck to you

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