What in hell is going on?

What in hell is going on? Topic: Free writing paper with border
June 16, 2019 / By Jasmyn
Question: I just read an article about the sheriff in Arizona, A federal judge is on his case. One of the examples of his profiling was that a man waiting to pick up his kid at school was involved in a car accident. He was parked and another driver hit him. When asked for a license he did not have one because he is illegal now he is in a deportation camp and going to fight to stay in this country. He is married and his children were born in this country. He thinks he has a right to stay because of this. When he came to this country did he think his problems would go away. I think once the border is crossed he is home free. He should be deported and if he wants his wife and kids with him new birth certificates should be written for the country of origin . I know of people who are here on a student visa which has been expired for 40 years and they think this way. Another example of the US Taxpayer's dollars being paid for empolyees that sit on their *** and count paper clips.
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Evalyn Evalyn | 3 days ago
it's not his fault, fear our government. they live for the mexican vote. however you are so right. i'm glad to see there are people who think like i do.
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Evalyn Originally Answered: What in hell is going on?
it's not his fault, fear our government. they live for the mexican vote. however you are so right. i'm glad to see there are people who think like i do.

Coco Coco
Unfortunately USCIS is bankrupt...that does not provide the rest of the government with an excuse though. USCIS is so backed up that it can take a case up to 10 years to be heard. It is ridiculous. Illegals are the main cause of that with situations like this. Obviously no one wants to rip a family apart. However, the sense of entitlement among many of them is astonishing. He should be deported...but then he will just pay someone to get him over the border again. Although this is not a perfect solution, perhaps the United States should spend immigration money helping Mexico establish a decent economy and then we don't need to spend the money giving people a TB shot and shipping them back.
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Belle Belle
He thinks he has a right to stay because of this NO HE DOES NOT - HE IS ILLEGAL - Therefore he gets deported New Birth certificates are not needed (the kids are still US citizens) so the kids go home with dad - they can always come back when they turn 21.
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Adria Adria
the hispanic mouth pieces are just using this moron as a poster child. he will be eventually be tossed and another sob will used as an example. how do they intend to explain away the fact the illegal was in a car that should not have been there to begin with. . take for example driver a is waiting (stopped )at a traffic light ,and he has no drivers license. meanwhile driver b is not paying attention and smashes into the back of driver a,s car. driver a is responsible for the accident and is sited with all types of fines while driver b is free of responsibility all because driver a was not supposed to be there to begin with. do you see the stupidness of all this ?
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Terrell Terrell
Deport the illegals, all of them, and then arm the border with soldiers who have orders to shoot. I'll bet the problem would end real quick. While we are at it. let's have the same policy for anyone trying to bring drugs across the border-shoot them!
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Terrell Originally Answered: Why do some atheists say that people are going to hell?
I personally have never run across an Atheist doing what you describe, pretending to be Christians. However, I have found quite a few posts by Christians pretending to be Atheist, Muslim, etc. It's really not hard to tell, just look at the posters profile and read through their Q&A list, you can tell pretty fast what group an individual belongs to. As to a Christian telling me I'm going to burn in hell, well, I'm 53 and have been a Buddhist for nearly 40 of those years. When I was younger (particularly in High School) i heard it several times a day from the Christians around me. That is when they were not beating me up rather than cursing me. The last time it happened was last February just before I was laid off from my job. There was a Pentecostal that had long targeted me tell me just like that. It was his response to my answer of one of his questions. For about a year he (and others) had harassed me about religion, simply because another worker had told him I was Buddhist. In his last tirade, which lasted about 20 minutes, he came out with "If you don't believe in the Bible, how can you possibly know what's right and wrong?" Admittedly I was more than a little tired of his uninvited sermon and I responded "Because I am a mature adult, I don't need a story book to tell me right from wrong." His reply was "You're going to burn in hell!" as he stomped off red faced. I didn't look on this as any sort of "victory." As a Buddhist I am taught to respect all other religions. As such I felt my comment was disrespectful of the Bible in general. Though I had no such feeling regarding him or his personal beliefs, as he is clearly an extremist. Now, as with most of the other answers where I have honestly and truthfully related my past experiences with SOME Christians (not all of them) I fully expect to get a load of thumbs down from those Christians that have been taught that denying the truth somehow invalidates it. The little button is just below. ;) Knock yourselves out.

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