Which car should i consider getting?

Which car should i consider getting? Topic: Honda case saver
June 16, 2019 / By Reagan
Question: I am looking into getting a new car i have a few that i like which is a 2007 Honda civic si, a 2006 acura TL, and a 2008 ford focus SES. im trying to find out which would be batter on gas out of these cars, they will also all be manual. Which would be a better gas saver?
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Merle Merle | 7 days ago
All three are potentially good choices for you. You can check mileage at http://www.fueleconomy.gov/. You need to consider a few other factors than gas mileage like depreciation and insurance cost. Edmunds.com has a total cost of ownership model that lets you compare different vehicles for fuel, depreciaiton, insurance, repairs, maintenance, etc. You should use it to compare. In your case, you will be comparing two used versus one new. Unless there is a hugh difference in purchase price, used will always be less expensive to own. You probably picked the years for the models to match a price target. A suggestion would be: In addition to the years and models you chose, you should also look at these same vehicle for a common model year Use 2006, the oldest model year you are considering.
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Lesleigh Lesleigh
http://www.edmunds.com/ Lets go Fuel mileage shopping.... 2007 Honda civic si Road trip mileage is impressive. We got 25.5 mpg without trying... Honda stated 22 to 31 2006 acura TL .....20 / 29 check out more at: http://consumerguideauto.howstuffworks.c... 2008 ford focus SES (Mazda motor) Fuel Tank Capacity: 13.5 gal.; Auto EPA Mileage Estimates: 24 mpg /34 mpg Manual Mileage Estimates: 24 mpg / 35 mpg 2008 Mazda 3 ((But the Mazda is rated less than the Focus same motor)) Fuel Tank Capacity: 14.5 gal.; EPA Mileage Estimates: 23 mpg / 31 mpg; TEST DRIVE ALL Before you decide ..... I like driving the Acura TL But I own a 2002 Ztec Focus HaHaHA (Stereo Wagon) Toyota http://www.edmunds.com/new/2009/toyota/c...
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Josepha Josepha
Probably the Honda. Have you looked at the new 2009 Toyota corolla's--very nice new sleek design, and great car which gets over 35 MPG. They are cheap too, between 14K and 20K depending on the model you choose.
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