What do you think of my essay?

What do you think of my essay? Topic: Opinion essay about video games
June 16, 2019 / By Maris
Question: the question is what is the most important invention in the last 50 years and why. i really dont like it. i think its too boring. can someone give me their opinion or some tips? In the past 50 years many things have been changing. The rate in technology and science is the most advanced in human history in the past 50 years. If someone had a new computer or camera and compared it to one created five years ago, the differences would be unsubtle. So many inventions have emerged in the last 50 years. In my opinion the most important invention is the mobile phone, or cell phone. The world would not be where it is today if it was not for the cell phone. Everywhere you look, people are having a conversation on their phone The cell phone is revolutionary in its way of communication. People don’t have to wait days to hear the news or from someone. With the cell phone people will always be up to date wherever they are. People are always on the move and are not always at home. The cell phone gives them the freedom to go anywhere and not have to worry about missing any important calls. More people are getting things done. They can go pick-up their clothes from the dry cleaners and set up a doctor’s appointment at the same time. The cell phone is the adult’s version of a baby blanket. Like a baby blanket, cell phones are carried around everywhere, provide a sense of safety and comfort, and give the owner a friend to talk to. With the cell phone, people can always feel safe. If there is any case of an emergency, they always have the cell phone to call for help. When someone is stranded or lost, they can call someone to help. Cell phones also give parents comfort knowing that their child will have a way to reach them if they are ever in trouble. People are much more social than ever because of the cell phone. They can talk to their friends for as long as they would like, without having to worry about someone else needing to use the phone. Cell phones also let people share their photos or videos that they took, instantly. Going on the internet on your phone has become much easier and faster. The cell phone has become another way for people to express themselves by the music they add to it, the pictures and videos they have, and games they play. In my opinion, the cell phone is the greatest invention in the last 50 years. It has saved people’s lives, gave people comfort, improved our society’s way of communicating, and made people more social. Without the cell phone, our society would always be falling behind.
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Kristi Kristi | 6 days ago
Wow, honestly, as a future teacher myself, I would give that a solid A. It has the perfect spellings, but, it does need a tiny bit more details.
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Faithe Faithe
I wouldn't say the cell phone is the most important, but you did do pretty well! I would give you anywhere from a 89% to a 97%. Also make sure to do paragraphs (it can change a 100% A+ to a 85% B) Other then that it is pretty good!
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Conradine Conradine
i liked it a lot especially the clincher you did a really good job explainning too i liked it a lot
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Bertha Bertha
i think that is an awesome essay you shouldn't be ashamed of the work you do when you do your hardest.
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Bertha Originally Answered: What do you think of my essay?
Wow, honestly, as a future teacher myself, I would give that a solid A. It has the perfect spellings, but, it does need a tiny bit more details.

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