Is it possible that he still likes me?

Is it possible that he still likes me? Topic: How to write a morning message
June 16, 2019 / By Rimon
Question: As a lot of you guys have said in my previous questions, there's always a possibility that the relationship wont work out. You guys were right. We broke up in the middle of July and since then, the only time we came into contact with each other was when he had a fight. Well now, the two of us are friends :) We finally moved passed all of our issues and are in the process of developing a meaningful friendship. So far, it seems to be working. But within the past few days, I've noticed some signs that he may still have at least a pinch of a feeling for me. Sign 1: Ever since we started talking to each other through text, he would always be the first one to message me every morning at around 7:30am (central time), 8:30am his time. Sign 2: This morning when he messaged me, he wrote, "Morning, hun." at around 7:30 (central time). Immediately after that, he wrote, "**morning, sorry.." And about a minute later, he said, "How'd you sleep?" My face lit up when I read the first text. It made me theorize that maybe he does have a small amount of feelings for me, but who knows? Those are all the signs I've come across so far. They might mean nothing, or they may mean something. What do you guys think? More updates soon :) Thanks Yeah I'm not sure if he likes me anymore. He's made it clear that he's moved on from me a while ago so I thought I should make that update. I had my hopes up for a while there but it's clear that he and I won't be getting back together again :/ well thanks anyways guys..
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Originally Answered: Is it possible that he still likes me?
I can kind of relate to you. I have two younger sisters, and ever since we were kids I always felt like I was the outcast out of the three of us. They were prettier than me, smarter than me, more athletic than me, etc, and even now it's kind of sucks to see them both so happy and popular when I still feel kind of left out. In the beginning I had just simply closed myself up and decided that everyone liked them better, so what was the point of trying to make friends, or trying out for sports teams, if everyone was going to cheer for them because they liked them better; but I realized that cutting myself out from everyone isn't going to solve anything, in fact it only makes things worse because you have no one to talk to and things get very lonely by yourself; I started cutting and suicide became tempting, but one good day I woke up and realized that I needed to suck it up and remember that there are people that love me for who I am and that I needed to stop comparing myself to everyone because otherwise I'll be miserable for the rest of my life. I actually talked about it to my sisters, and oddly enough they always thought that I was the great one because I was smart, and a very talented actress and writer. I'm sure your sister feels a little insecure as well and that's why she seems to be "stealing your friends". Just try and talk about it with her, or your parents, or anyone you feel close too, because true friends will never ditch you; rule 101 of friendship. As for the height thing, I'm afraid there's nothing you can do about it, one of my sisters already passed me and the other one is slowly getting there. What can I say, c'est la vie. Just wear heals, it should help xD.
Originally Answered: Is it possible that he still likes me?
Your situation reflects my thoughts at times as well. I have an older sister which describes your sister (in some ways). What i learned is that I am my own person and you just have to learn to stop comparing yourself, because despite being different, you two are sisters and she is no better than you. So cheer up and be yourself. Probably, what draws you to make less friends is that you don't have confidence in yourself. Dont say she is your shadow, believe in yourself

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