How to get the guy I like?

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June 16, 2019 / By Georgine
Question: I'm 16 and I've liked this guy in my year in school for a while now. He talked to me for the first time last week, and we've got a lot in common, and he's really nice. The only problem is I'm really shy and find it really difficult to approach him. People tell me to "just talk to him" but I just can't because of my shyness and awkwardness! I would appreciate it if anyone has any tips on how to make this easier, or ways to get him to talk to me first! Once I end up talking to him it's fine, but its just starting the conversation that I have trouble with, and it is necessary as he's pretty awkward too. Thanks!
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Delphia Delphia | 3 days ago
Well you either have to build some confidence or you will have to manipulate him into talking to you. Drop something when he is behind you. Ask him for help with homework or directions. Bump into him by "accident". Or you could smile at him. Make him want to talk to you. Im guessing flirting isnt really your thing. Otherwise you leave it up to chance, that he will start talking to you by circumstance. The choice is all yours. Your future is what you make of it!!!! Hehe.
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Caetlin Caetlin
ok, so from a guys perspective, i say you should give hints, dont go up to him and tell him you like him, flirt with him, touch him (not in an inappropriate way), just kind of act like you like him, but dont make it really obvious. give it a shot.
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