Homework help. Please?

Homework help. Please? Topic: Thinking music for homework
June 16, 2019 / By Paulie
Question: Well I have to write about making a choice between something that was good for you and something that was good for someone you cared about. I CANT THINK OF ANYTHING.
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Lorrin Lorrin | 9 days ago
Say you have 50.00...you can go out and spend all the money on something you have been wanting...clothes, music whatever. Or you could say hey mom...want to go out for dinner....You showed that you were willing to share the money and in return shared a very special time with your mom. You chose something that was good for someone you cared about. Thought with you heart. Good luck.
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Lorrin Originally Answered: Is it ok to start doing homework or chapter pretests for online homework if the professors says the homework isn't due until (cont.)?
Yeah you can do the assignments whenever you want as long as it is before the deadline. If you want to get a jump start on them, you can do that.

Jaye Jaye
A basic relationship scenario would work: a girl and a guy (or girl + girl or guy + guy depending on your preference) are in a relationship that isn't healthy - one of them is too dependent on the other, one of them works too much, one wants kids and the other doesn't, etc. etc. Breaking up would be the easiest thing for you but you know they'd be devastated or vice-versa. You could also write about a parent - child bond: the parent is quite overprotective and would like to keep the child at home so they can spend time with him/her so they have strict curfews, can never go on activities with their friends, etc. The choice would be that it is good for the parent to always have the child around but better for the child to "set them free" to experience new things. Good luck!
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Gair Gair
If its health then say something about food. Something good for you can be positive friends and good role models. Reasons being: There to help u when you're down, only respond to positive things, and keep u out of trouble,(even if you don't believe it,lol). For someone u care about it can be something as simple as stop smoking.Reasons:to become a better person personally, better health and a possibility to live longer. Let me know how that works out and send me back at [email protected]
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Deonne Deonne
OK...so maybe your too young for this, but the first thing that popped into my head was my husband and I staying together...even though we don't do anything together, or enjoy each others company......which it would be better for us to go our separate ways....But we have two small children..7 & 8, that would problably be bothered by the split...would have to live with only one parent, and miss the other a lot of the time....So do you make the choice based on your feelings....or your children....
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Benet Benet
Have you ever done anything especially like for someones birthday?? Like if you choose to go to the movies with a friend (good for you) or go and visit your sick granny or something like that (good for them) instead. Or say spending money on yourself(good for you), or choosing to spend a lttle extra on a gift for your mom or dad (good for them)!
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Abaddon Abaddon
you can make something up about how... when your (grandma/grandpa/fill in a name) was dying of cancer, you spent all your free time visiting them when you could have been (list after school programs and social events and parties). you sacrificed your social life to spend time with them. it'll make your teacher weep and u'll get an A.
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Shevon Shevon
There's one cookie left. U were waiting to eat all day. But your little 2 year old brother wants it too. Who do you give it to?
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Peronelle Peronelle
for example....if you had a friend that betrayed another one of your friends would you stay friends with that friend (after all, she didn't do anything to you) or not be friends with her because she betrayed your friend (good for her)
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Peronelle Originally Answered: 12:30 AM but I still have a lot of homework, what do I do?
If you are too tired to do it and there is no way you would be able to do the homework anyway the way you feel, then go to bed and go to sleep. You will fail the test but you can make up on some stuff some other semester or year. Life will go on. You may fail the test but you won't fail life. No point in worrying about something you can't fix. If you really want to stay up and you think you can do all this in a short time then I suggest a couple cups of coffee.

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