What is wrong with my jaw?

What is wrong with my jaw? Topic: Orthodontic case starts
June 16, 2019 / By Delphina
Question: ok like last year i was in choir and i was soprano... and then once i hit a high note and had to open my mouth wide my jaw all the sudden popped. and then it hurt really bad and ever since then its been popping every time i open my mouth. and so after awhile when i got braces on i told my orthodontist about it and he says its cuz i drink alot of caffeine and eat alot of sugar and chew alot of gum and grind my teeth at night. so ya apparently i do grind my teeth at night cuz i always wake up with them tightly pressed together. and so then it started hurting so i got some pills for it to help my jaw movement and it said ill be fine in a few months if i keep taking it and i did and its still popping then like one month my jaw locked and it wouldnt unlock and as time goes on it still hasnt unlocked... like im able to open my mouth alot more then i use to but those pills arent unlocking it and helping the pain anymore.. cuz my jaw even though my mouth opens alot more then it use to when it locked i know its locked cuz once i press a certain point on the side it unlocks till i let go and now it wont do that anymore it hurts extremely bad every now and then and other times it will hurt a little. and its been locked for 3 months straight now and hhurt even more now since i got these one bands on to move my bottom row of teeth forward since i have braces on but idk whats going on...
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Caileigh Caileigh | 5 days ago
You have TMJPDS=tempero-mandibular joint pain dysfunction syndrome. It started off, in your case, with over-opening the jaw and effectively "spraining" the muscles that hinge your lower jaw to your upper jaw and skull.It is a common problem for people who have tried to hit high notes singing, tried to wrap their mouths around a big sandwich etc. Like any sprain, it doesn't show up on x-rays and requires rest of the effected muscles as much as possible to let it heal. If you have continued to go hitting the high notes, been chewing gum and/or hard foods and are undergoing orthodontic treatment, then any and all of these things is continually aggravating the sprain to your jaw muscles. Stop over-using your sore mouth muscles! Eat softer foods, try not to over-open your mouth with singing, yawning etc and don't tense up the sore muscles by clenching/grinding your teeth at night (get the dentist to make you an occlusal splint device (which looks a bit like a cross between a mouthguard and a bite-block depending on its design: I favoured prescribing the softer cushiony mouthguard types, but with orthodontics in the way a harder bite-block device to prop your jaw into a semi-open rest position, even when you want to clench, may be the only thing possible unless they are prepared to stop orthodontic treatment and take off the hardware to properly treat your TMJ problems until they resolve better). They won't want to have to bother to do all this for you, but it can be done and should be done if your pain will not resolve with milder actions being taken. The pills you were taking that aren't helping anymore are probably mild doses of diazepam=valium which is a muscle relaxant but if used long-term whilst the cause of the problems is not removed, will stop working at the initial lower dosages. Don't just take more pills, stop aggravating the cause and do all the other things I've mentioned first. There are also 144 possible different stranger and rarer pain dysfunction symptoms that can occur with this problem ranging from headaches to back/neck pain, sore throat sensations etc etc etc. When you are not in public sit with your jaw hanging open slackly, (doesn't matter even if you tend to dribble a bit like the village idiot doing it) and this will give the sprained muscles even more rest between when you must use them for speaking and eating. The reference article mentioned by another answerer is too complex for most people to understand, contains a lot of information not relevant to your particular case, and also mentions some utter rubbish about herbal supplements to treat TMJ which, in your case, is NOT a metabolic disorder, but a muscle trauma one. Hope this helps
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Almira Almira
My jaw does the exact same thing. My doctor also said it was because I grind my teeth, and that the muscles get locked in a clench. Thus, I spend thirty painful minutes unlocking my jaw every single morning. He told me to get a mouthguard (like the ones football players wear during a game). I haven't yet, but I hope it helps.
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Valentine Valentine
You might have TMJ.... http://www.healthline.com/adamcontent/tm... It can be caused by car accidents. It can be caused by a fat fingured dentist having you open your mouth too wide. Occasional pain can go on for years. If a dentist caused it, it's impossible to prove he did. My daughter has had TMJ the past 5 years, caused by a fat finger dentist opening her mouth too wide while she was numbed up.
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Roly Roly
Go back to the dentist and follow his or her advise. Asking here will not get you the right answer.
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