Do you think this is a good story?

Do you think this is a good story? Topic: How long is the sister act musical
June 16, 2019 / By Lesly
Question: There is a girl who loves to sing and act, she sings in front of the mirror all day long. So she finds out that there will be a disney musical shooting at her school. Its High school musical 4! So she descides to audition, and along the way she sees how tough it is to compete against other people. And then, she gets the part as a background girl, but whom shows up alot in the movie. And then, all the fame shes getting just from being in the background, makes producers in other shows and movies like her, and ask her if she wants a record deal, she's kinda excited and scared because she doesn't know, she doesn't have any friends to help her, so she just decides on her own to take the opportunity! And all the fame and new friends she loves it, but then she gets kinda scared and forgets about her family and she wants her old life back, and all her new "friends" are brats and she doesn't know who to trust, so she goes to her older sister for help, and her older sister says "I'm sorry, I don't know I've never been famous." and so she makes friends with Selena Gomez, and she asks her if she's ever wanted her old life back, so she can make true friends, and selena says "sometimes, but then I act in another episode and it cheers me up." so then the girl keeps talking to selena on advise and stuff, and eventually makes friends with Demi, and after being upset and wanting to make true friends for weeks and months, she founds out, she already had it! Her best friends were her family, Demi, and Selena, and she gets soo happy she finally found where she wants to be, a famous singer and actress with the greatest friends you could possibly have! THE END
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Originally Answered: Do you think this is a good story?
It's a good story you just need to work on writing it better. Try making the sentences longer and not so choppy. and make sure you check the grammar. But i don't know what grade this is for or if it's for school or not, but it's a cute story.
Originally Answered: Do you think this is a good story?
You have it all written in 3rd person. You need to use the viewpoint of one of the characters, probably the princess.

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