It's called "Bored"?

It's called "Bored"? Topic: The sisters club book list
June 16, 2019 / By Kristia
Question: Hood-Dynamics Too many years back then when I was a little shorter and of course a few years younger, I worked at day care center with kids suffering from retardation, the little muskrats ages would range anywhere in between one and twelve. I of course, watched over them along with other employees. I at the time was about fifteen years old or so, if not, slightly older. The majority of the employees did fall into the teenage scenario, but, there were a couple of workers older then us; oh I would say about, or in between twenty five and twenty eight, but really who cares. So like most jobs, employees create acquaintances or more serious friendships or even more serious, serious relationships, or almost pointless undercover relationships. Yeah and we all know this, it happens everywhere. Very humanly! Anyway, I became friends with a few employees and we “partied” together so on and so forth. I didn’t pick best friends or got close enough to anyone that would consider me a confidant. There were a few mischievous undercover relationships (cheaters) that I was aware of but paid no mind to what had no matter to “me”. Sense? Blah, Blah, worked there for a few, moved on and remembered the all the times. Recently, I received a call from Lloyd (the owner) of the day care center begging me to return and work for the day care center until they accumulate enough employees to run the day care center efficiently. Being the gracious person that I am, I agreed with the exception of free donuts every day. Lol! Just kidding, but really, I agreed and now I have worked for the day care center again for nine months in counting. Yeah, so in my begging return, I bumped in to some previous coworkers at the job and met new ones; again, my intentions are to work and not establish blood brothers and sisters. Some early months into work I had some “mutual moral agreements” with this one chic (Faith is her name), and because there was/are some moral compatibility between us, I gave her the chance to hang out with me. (Sorry my ego thinks out loud without permission sometimes). Who cares so getting back to my point; we slapped ourselves on a few guest lists to the hottest clubs and grubbed at multiple restaurants. I guess you can say a friendship was created! Faith is cool! Hold that thought. Back (EeRrr Rewind) to my previous coworkers that I bumped in to; the same deceitful undercover banging was fluttering through out the children center when suddenly I was approached by “one of those deceitful previous employees” (Darla is her name). Darla in engulfing tears exclaimed her undercover relationship being the cause of her stress with one of our former employees. I listened to her bull; pet her on the head and thought, “that’s what happens when you act like a floozy”. It turns out that the guy she’s dating at the day care is currently living with his girlfriend and has Darla as a side dish; Darla being totally aware of the live in girlfriend has made the decision to” volunteer in being used” and has now fallen mind first in to the pavement, leaving Darla drenched in tears. Boo Hoo Back Flash. Faith has become, not so much a confidant, but a morally sufficient acquaintance in my book of individuals. Faith told me she has had her share in a problematic relationship and was now dating one of our coworkers to get over her ex. Well, it turns out she bangs, she bangs, yes, the same scum bag Darla is dating undercoverlee. Now the pieces are coming together. I thought, Hhm, if I was Faith, I would want to someone to tell me what’s going on, so I told Faith (on BLAST baby) about Darla’s crocodile tears. Immediately, Faith threw herself on the floor screaming WHY does this always happen to me, WHY do I always pick the ones who run and stomp on me. I then threw my hands in the air, ducked and rolled somersaulting to her rescue by detaining her feeble strength starting with her arms and latching my hands around her jaw, yelling, “cut the crap or else Faith. He’s not worth it, NONE of them are”. Faith then startled; gazed in to my eyes, and at this point I’m feeling almost awkward because her stare was filled with glitter and love sparks. Then I felt obligated to actuate the demons out of her so I shaked the lively hood out of her; an instant response is what I got, she said, “You’re so right, wait, you’re always right”. Ugh, it was so much drama. I just can’t handle it. I’m thinking of cutting her loose because I’d rather be selfish and not emotionally support her (like friends usually do); wouldn’t want to kick her teeth in thru malignant demand. I was a good friend by telling her right? DAMN, I feel important Thanks guys
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Best Answers: It's called "Bored"?

Jeana Jeana | 8 days ago
Ha, you do have an ego. You did the right thing. Cheaters always deserve to be ratted out, it doesnt matter what the circumstances are. Tell the cry babies to get over it and maybe next time they should use a little common sense before getting involved with someone.
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Jeana Originally Answered: It's called "Bored"?
Ha, you do have an ego. You did the right thing. Cheaters always deserve to be ratted out, it doesnt matter what the circumstances are. Tell the cry babies to get over it and maybe next time they should use a little common sense before getting involved with someone.

Fancy Fancy
I think I woudl have stayed out of it all together. Most importantly, instead of daycare or worrying about these people, why not focus on writing a book? Very good at storytelling. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
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Constance Constance
I absolutely think you did the right thing! Only the best kind of friends will tell you the truth, even when it hurts!
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Bertie Bertie
YOUR AWSOME!!!! yes you were a great friend I wish my friends were like that...oh and you should consider becoming an author lol...excellent writing skills for a story ;)
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Affton Affton
I did indeed read the whole thing, And I would have wanted to know. I think you did the right thing.
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Join livewire, exercise, go on aim, myspace, facebook, do homework, study, cook, see a movie, take pictures of scenic things, go for a walk, write, pick flowers, draw pictures, practice applying makeup and doing your hair, shop online, shop in person, write a play, google random things, build a mythological creature, learn origami, paint, paint your nails, look up funny words in the dictionary, make your own dictionary, make a scrapbook, make fashion collages, make collages, play catch, run, jog, do science experiments, play computer games, text message, clean your room, practice gymnastics, dance, stay on this website, bake brownies, go to the supermarket, do chores, make jewlerly, make a garden, start a myspace group, make paper graffiti, balance an egg, fill water balloons, eat ice, build legos, play scrabble, have a balancing contest with yourself, make a backscratcher, or have a hair salon. You should be able to find somethings up there to do. Here is a list of websites- www.seventeen.com www.cosmogirl.com www.golivewire.com www.beaconstreetgirls.com www.the-n.com www.missbimbo.com (kindof innapropriate...) www.polyvore.com (you make outfits and stuff) www.tweenscene.zoomshare.com www.kidzworld.com (sounds very babyish, but it isn't) www.youngbiz.com www.kiwibox.com www.gurl.com www.piczo.com www.cybersleuth-kids.com (not really for play, but for schoolwork help, i like it a lot) www.cyberteens.com www.encarta.msn.com/encnet/departments... (another one that's super helpful for homework) www.girlynation.com (great for girly girls :D) www.mygurlstuff.com www.stardoll.com Hope I helped solve your boredom! :)

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